Batch 19 beer returns to Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- To mark the anniversary of 100 years since the start of prohibition, one brewery is bringing back Batch 19 beer. 

Miller-Coors subsidiary AC Golden Brewing Company had a tasting party for the pre-Prohibition style lager at South Shore Terrace & Beer Garden.  

Batch 19 is now being made available in some taverns, only in Milwaukee and Colorado. 

"At the time it was kind of the brewers' beer, a beer we brewed for 30 years that was only available to employees and the first time we launched it in 2010 and for some reason, it went away, it went into hibernation," said AC Golden Brewing Company President David Coors. 

The first 100 people who were at the tasting party were able to buy draft pints for $1.19. 

For more information about Batch 19, including a complete list of where it will be available, click here. 

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