Bat found in local park test positive for rabies

An rabies infected bat was found at South Shore Park just a few days ago.

\"Surprised, shocked, but it's Wisconsin, it happens. We're here outside and this is bat's play area,\" said Melanie Marie Limon.

 That doesn't mean Limon is going to stop bringing her 6 year-old daughter to the playground. She's just glad she wasn't the one to find it.

\"I wouldn't pick it up. I would find a number to call and find someone who is properly trained to take care of something like that,\" said Limon.

Paul Biedrzycki, Director of Disease Control, said that's exactly what you're suppose to do.

\"The person who found the bat covered it up, put it in their backpack, and took it to the humane society,\" said Biedrzycki.

\"The citizen was very careful in handling the animal, although, again, even a scratch from the animal can cause an infection in humans,\"said Biedrzycki.

Rabies can be found in bats, raccoons, skunks, coyotes and foxes.

\"This virus can result in very serious health problems. It results in very serious illness,\" said Biedrzycki.

It can be deadly and symptoms vary.

\"It can cause headache, muscle pain, joint pain, nausea,\" said Biedrzycki.

Because bats are a common carrier, He wants to warn not just park goers, but homeowners.

\"We recommend people bat proof their homes, sealing up small openings,tears and screens that might be in windows or doors.We want them to capture the bat and submit it to the humane society for testing,\" said Biedrzycki.

He also emphasized the importance of getting your pet vaccinated against rabies.

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