Bardo Towing Completes 350 Tow Jobs

Bardo Towing off W Lincoln Ave. completed over 350 tow jobs this weekend.

Employees work 24/7 with almost no sleep, but a lot to plow means big profit.

One tow driver told CBS 58, business started picking up Friday before the snow even came because there were several calls about dead car batteries. Calls also picked up because of accidents along the interstate.

" As soon at it starts snowing, we see money signs. You know, there's always going to be a vehicle on the road. People forget how to drive for the first snowfall, for some reason. We get snow every year, we're always cleaning up accidents, people sliding and not having the proper tires on their vehicle," says Ed Edwards from Bardo Towing.

Edwards also offered some advice, make sure your car is full of fuel, you have a good battery, and double check your tire pressure.

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