Bar owners expect a pot of gold from liquor sales

As long as the green beer keeps flowing the customers seem to keep on going. Brady Street was already packed with day drinkers. The luck of the Irish put St. Patrick's Day on a Tuesday, but crowds adjusted and many opted to go out Saturday instead. 

Bar Owner Pete Marshall, who owns Jack's, says they're counting on the crowds, \"It's all about ordering sufficiently, lots of whiskey, Guiness, and green beer. Everyone loves green beer on St. Patty's day.\"

Katherine Church at Jo-Cats says their bar is stocked beyond belief. 

Church says, \"There's at least three bottle backups of everything in case we run out then we know.\"

She says they cut enough lemons and limes for the entire four days, and as far as the liquor, they worked with vendors far in advance.

Church says, \"This starts months ahead of time, it just keeps going, we had to have all the reps come in with a ton of liquor and get a bunch of decorations to get everyone festive.\"

The crowds are music to businesses ears, especially if people come out again on Tuesday-- a traditionally slow business night.

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