Band holds moving concert through Shorewood on firetruck

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- If the people can't go to see the band, take the band to the people. That's what was happening in Shorewood Friday night, July 17. 

A group of local musicians that call themselves "Old Sam and the Teardrops" piled onto the top of a 1960s firetruck at Three Lions Pub. The group played a few numbers before taking their songs on the road on the streets of Shorewood. 

"We're all regular gigging musicians, so we've lost our jobs too, its not as important as some people but you what we lost our passion so this is how we are getting it done now, we're gonna drive around and do it," said Old Sam Teardrop, Old Sam and the Teardrops. 

The drummer in the band is John Sparrow, the current drummer for Milwaukee's own "Violent Femmes." 

The Femmes had their tour wiped out by the pandemic. 

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