Bagging A Buck Might Be Easier This Year

(East Troy)--Gun deer hunting season in Wisconsin begins November 23. And when it comes time, many more hunters will be armed and ready with more powerful weaponry.

For the first time, rifles will be allowed statewide. Prior regulations historically prohibited rifle use for deer hunting in many parts of the state, including portions of our area. Instead hunters were limited to shotguns only. The popular belief was shotguns were safer. Numbers released by the Wisconsin DNR state otherwise.

Most we spoke with say they couldn't be happier. In fact a DNR spokesperson says a rifle offers better precision with less shots fired, perhaps causing less accidents.

There is one catch, however. Some cities and towns still restrict the use of rifles, especially in agricultural areas. So you're urged to do your homework before you hunt.

The Badger State is issuing more than 630,000 hunting permits for the season. It ends December 1.

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