Back here in Milwaukee, Bucks fans react to tonight's loss

NOW: Back here in Milwaukee, Bucks fans react to tonight’s loss

Despite the disappointing loss, fans had fun cheering on the Bucks in Milwaukee tonight.

It was not the night people hoped for but fans stuck around till the very end at Whos on Third, despite the score.

By the 3rd quarter, people did start to hear chants of Bucks in 7, people obviously realizing that it didn't look good.

Still was a great night supporting the team as Bucks cheerleaders were on hand to raffle off prizes which included tickets to Game 6.

Fans said the Bucks are down but not out and they feel good about their chances Thursday back here in Milwaukee.

"It was exhilarating, I was going for the Bucks, hoping they could pull it out. We got a young team, energetic but it's just that they couldn't do it," said Bucks fan Emerald Lee.

"You know we're down by a lot, lost 2 in a row, but as long as we go home with energy and obviously us fans play a part into that," said Bucks fan Javier Amaro.

Game 6 will tip off at the Bradley Center on Thursday. fans will get the chance to show their support even if they don't have tickets. There will be a pep rally before the game. 

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