Automated vehicle response training in Racine

NOW: Automated vehicle response training in Racine

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation held a training session for law enforcement and first responders at Gateway Technical College in Racine to discuss how to respond to automated vehicles involved in accidents on Friday, Sept. 9.

Automated vehicles are slowly, but surely, becoming more common on roadways. But what happens when one of those vehicles is involved in an accident?

First responders, police and other officials need to understand how these vehicles work because while they will respond to the scene like any other crash, automated vehicles present new variables.

Is the vehicle going to start by itself as it is approached? What happens if the vehicle catches fire? What if the owner needs to tow it? How are automated vehicles similar to existing vehicles on the road?

One of the demonstrations utilized the Racine Badger, the only fully-automated vehicle currently operating on Wisconsin roads.

More information about automated vehicles in Wisconsin can be found on the state's Department of Transportation website.

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