Autism Awareness Day At Miller Park, This Sunday, April 30th

Autistic singer/songwriter Eric Look will sing the National Anthem at the 4th Autism Awareness Day at Miller Park.

First pitch scheduled for 1:10 p.m. Sunday, April 30th.

The Brewers will make a $3 donation to Autism Speaks for every Autism Awareness ticket package sold.

The Brewers say the organization has long sought to devote a day at Miller Park for a greater understanding and inclusion of those on the Autism Spectrum.

CBS 58 News began profiling Eric Look several years ago.

It began with his original songs to mark the Christmas holiday with tunes that were often played on local radio.

It was through music, that Eric, diagnosed with Kanner-type Autism at age 3, found a way to shine through and rise above severe sound sensitivity.

70'S rock and Jim Croce songs are among his favorites that he'll perform charities supporting others dealing with autism.

This work gained the attention and friendship of  Croce's widow.

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin have both recorded public service announcements expressing their support for this homegrown trailblazer.

\"Eric's courage sends a strong message about overcoming obstacles,\" says Senator Baldwin.

Local sports fans know Eric well.

He often sings the Star Spangled Banner at Marquette, UW M and Admirals games.

Many times he collaborates with other musicians and singers who do not have Autism.

It is his way of literally bridging the gap.

For Eric Look, Autism doesn't just speak. It sings! 

Eric was a live guest on the CBS 58 News at 4 along with WAMI awarding winning artist and engineer of the year Ramie Espinoza. 

Their interview is attached to this article.

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