Aurora Children's Health begins taking appointments for kids COVID-19 vaccine

NOW: Aurora Children’s Health begins taking appointments for kids COVID-19 vaccine


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - More vaccinators in Wisconsin are starting to administer and schedule appointments for the kids COVID-19 vaccine.

Nine-year-old Avery Bailey is the first kid to get vaccinated for COVID-19 at Aurora Health Center -- Good Hope.

"I'm just proud of Avery, that she can come here and be brave and get the vaccine and show that it's going to be safe," her father Jon Bailey said.

Bailey wanted to get her in before the holidays. He had no reservations about getting her vaccinated after speaking with her doctor.

"I told Avery it's important because it protects us and it protects and others, and that it's going to be a part of our path to being without masks and with our friends and doing the indoor things we enjoy and love," he said.

"My own children are going to be getting their vaccines this afternoon," Dr. Kevin Dahlman said.

Dr. Dahlman is the medical director for Aurora Children's Health. Aurora started receiving the vaccine last week, but he says some locations are still awaiting shipments from the health department.

"But we anticipate by the end of this week, that all sites that have signed up for administering the COVID vaccine are good to go," he said.

Dr. Dahlman has already taken plenty of questions from parents. He said many have reservations and he recommends speaking with your child's pediatrician as soon as possible.

"We want to be able to have that honest and transparent discussion. We're not here to rush a parent into anything. We want to have those individual discussions," Dr. Dahlman said.

After getting her first dose of the vaccine, Avery has one thing she wants to tell kids who may be scared:

"It's doesn't hurt at all," Avery said.

Aurora Children's Health is taking appointments through its app. The vaccine will also be available at flu clinics.

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