Audit of Milwaukee County Jail to Take Place

Two families are suing to get their hands on more information about what happened behind bars the newborn baby of inmate shade Swayzer died shortly after delivery.

At issue, was her request for help denied or delayed?

The family of Terrill Thomas is also suing to find out if he was denied water leading to the medical examiner’s ruling of extreme dehydration in his death.

Milwaukee County is  taking a closer look at medical care inside the jail.

The focus of the audit is the private contractor that provides medical care at the jail and house of correction.  Armor Correctional Health Services is based in Florida.       

County Board Chair Theodore Lipscomb told CBS 58 he requested the audit on November 1, and got the go-ahead the very next day.

This was after reports of poor care and staffing issues at the facilities. 

The jail is run by the sheriff, the house of correction is operated by the county. 

The audit will not look into any of the four deaths that have occurred this year at the jail. 

Instead, CBS 58 learned from the county comptroller the review will focus on the overall management of the jails and specific issues like wages, staffing and record-keeping. 

If needed, outside experts will be brought in for second opinions.

The audit is scheduled to begin next month.

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