Assistant to Athletics Program at Holy Redeemer School Charged with Sexually Assaulting a Student

A teacher’s aide and assistant to the athletics program at Holy Redeemer School has been charged for allegedly sexually assaulting a student and exposing other students to harmful material.

Jason Price is being held on $10,000 bail.

He is charged with two counts of sexual assault of a student, child enticement, three counts of exposing a child to harmful material, and causing a child to view or listen to sexual activity.

Milwaukee Police spoke with the bishop of Holy Redeemer School about Price. Bishop Daniels said Price was hired as a teacher’s aide, and the defendant’s duties were to help in the lunch room, provide general assistance to teachers, and assist with the athletics program.

First alleged victim’s complaint:

According to the criminal complaint, Price was rubbing the student’s breasts and thighs for 15 minutes on the way back from a school field trip on a bus. The student said she was scared.

In another incident the student said she walked into the hallway during a home basketball game at the school to charge her phone.  He allegedly grabbed the defendant and pulled her into the locker room. He allegedly pulled down her pants and put a condom on. He then performed penis to vagina intercourse. The student told police she was lying on the floor crying and the defendant was on top of her. After the incident defendant approached her at school and allegedly asked her if she told “anybody.”

The student, also, told police that before the incident in the locker room the defendant sent her a photo on Facebook messenger of the defendant’s penis.

Two weeks after the incident, she was walking in the hallway at the school and the defendant allegedly looked at her buttocks and said it was large using profanity. The victim said she felt scared and uncomfortable.

These incidents allegedly happened in February and March.

Second alleged victim’s complaint:

The student said last year while Price was substituting for her gym class at school the defendant showed an inappropriate video.  The student said she was offended by this video, and the defendant than sent her a photo on Facebook messenger of his erect penis. He included a message that said “Can you send me a picture of your stuff?” He allegedly sent her multiple other inappropriate messages including “When are you going to let me come over” and “Your booty is big- can I touch it?”

The third alleged victim’s complaint:

Allegedly he announced in a class he was substitute teaching that he found her on Facebook. He sent her a friend request, and sent her a message “don’t be telling people I’m textin' you.”

The student said the defendant sent her a photo on Facebook messenger of himself in the shower in early April 2016. The photo was from his neck to pubic area, and he allegedly sent a message with that said “in the shower.” She said she did not reply. The student said the defendant sent her other inappropriate messages including “Do you look at me a certain way?” Another time, while she was walking in school the defendant allegedly messaged her “Damn, those jeans.” He allegedly sent her a message that he could be her “sugar daddy.” The defendant sent her a photo from her own Facebook page with a comment that said “Damn, you’re fine.”

The fourth alleged victim’s complaint:

An interview with police the fourth victim said that in December 2015 the defendant sent her a photo via Facebook messenger of a penis in a man’s hand.  The victim believed it to be the defendants. Also later in December 2015, the defendant messaged her “What are you doing? I’m fittin to get one off.” The student said she blocked the defendant. 

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