Assembly GOP offers new plan to end Wisconsin mask mandate

NOW: Assembly GOP offers new plan to end Wisconsin mask mandate

MADISON, Wis. (CBS 58) — The Assembly is introducing another amendment to the COVID-19 relief and plans to end the mask mandate on Thursday. 

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said his chamber plans to adopt a new amendment that would fix the error discovered last week putting the state at risk of losing millions in federal funding if the mask order was struck down.

The Assembly delayed their vote last week after a memo revealed the state could lose nearly $50 million a month in federal funds for low-income families who rely on FoodShare benefits.

The amendment would head to the State Senate who already voted to end the mask mandate last week. Vos said the proposal the Senate passed would not fix the problem with federal funding. The memo from legislative attorneys said the Senate plan would still allow Evers the power to issue emergency orders the governor "deem necessary for the security of persons and property while the state of emergency is in effect."

The amendment to the COVID-19 bill, which has had multiple changes to it, will have to pass both chambers before it heads to Gov. Evers' desk. The governor can sign the bill or veto it.

Speaker Vos said the plan is to vote on the amendment mid-February and vote on a resolution to repeal the mask requirement on Thursday. 

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