Friend says video game dispute triggered fatal shooting of beloved Milwaukee barber

NOW: Friend says video game dispute triggered fatal shooting of beloved Milwaukee barber

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee police have a man in custody in the high profile murder of a beloved Milwaukee barber.

Thursday, July 15 will mark two weeks since the man affectionately known as "Jay Da Barber" was shot outside his work place. Jail records show the man police believed did it has been in custody since Monday.

Fade Lounge is still closed after the horrific July 1 death of the owner. Friends of Yosef Timms, better known as Jay, let CBS 58 crews in. A small vigil remains outside the barbershop.

"He is like a son to me and this is very devastating, because it's like losing a son," Travis Clark, Timms friend, said.

 Police said the shooting happened in broad daylight near Center and Holton and happened after an argument. Clark says they are learning it was over a video game.

"2K was his game," Clark said. "You know, he felt he was too short to go to the NBA and he became good, you know, very good. Talk a lot of crap."

Clark was told Jay knew the guy came looking for a fight. He says Jay took off his shirt, expecting to duke it out. What he didn't expect was that someone had a gun.

"So we want to make sure that we use this opportunity to make families aware of this situation of video games and of communicating over video games," Clark said.

Clark's in close contact with Jay's fiancé who is four months pregnant with his daughter, who the beloved barber will never get to meet. He last saw Jay at a Bucks playoff game.

"When we talked and he was at the skybox, he was so happy that he was going to be a father," Clark said. "He was so happy that (his) business was doing good. He just bought his favorite car of his dreams, which was a Mustang Shelby. Things (were) going in the right direction."

Jay's friend at the barbershop said it is going to be at least a month before they can pick up the pieces and try to reopen.

The man police arrested has not yet been charged. 

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