Area Law Enforcement Agencies Make Sure Sex Offenders Stay Home While Kids 'Trick or Treat'

Law enforcement is making sure sex offenders are doing what they're supposed to do during trick-or-treating.

While we were out with officers, they discovered one offender may be breaking the law.

Agencies call it "Knock and Talks," reminding hundreds of offenders not to break the law again. 

"We want the kids to have a safe and happy Halloween," said Deputy Sargent Aaron Dobson, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office.  

Agencies across Milwaukee county teamed up to make sure sex offenders stay home while kids go trick-or-treating.

"They have to be in their house and hour before, and until an hour after trick or treating is over in their municipalities," said Dobson. 

Offenders can't pass out candy or have their porch light on for trick-or-treaters.

In the days leading up to Halloween, Dobson said deputies rearrested 30 offenders. 

Sunday, they knocked on nearly 200 doors.

A reminder that they're keeping tabs.

In one case, the offender didn't let parole officers know that he moved. 

"Unfortunately, his grandmother answered the door," said Probation and Parole Agent Lisa Ruh Szady. "We're really, pretty on top of where everybody lives because part of supervision is that we do home visits. But then the other side is, people aren't honest they're like, Oh yeah I'm living here.' and they're not."

Now that man, has a warrant out for his arrest.

Officers recommend always being alert, because you could live next door to an offender and not even know it.

"I think people have a false sense of security, you know, kind of that not in my neighborhood thing," said Szady.

"We've done this for quite a few years and it's been quite successful and we've been happy to keep the kids safe every trick or treat holiday," said Dobson. 

Officers recommend checking on the state department's website, to see if a sex offender lives near you. Click here to find out more. 

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