Are you being ripped off at the gas pump?

NOW: Are you being ripped off at the gas pump?

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Filling up the gas tank is an inevitable weekly task for many. 

But how do we know if the number on the pump accurately matches how much gas we are actually putting into our tanks? 

"Nothing I've ever thought about in depth, I just kind of trusted I'm getting the right amount of gas," said customer Aaron Hooton. 

"That might be worth a question too if we are getting our money's worth," another customer, Maureen O'Heron, said. 

It's a concern of Marcus Farsee when he pulls in to fill up and he's also worried about the quality of the gas. 

"Wondering or trying to see if that gas is like gas or isn't like watered down or something," Farsee said.

That's where Greg Loreck comes in. It's his job to get those answers. As an inspector with the state, he travels around to every gas station in our area each year and runs tests to make sure each one is compliant. 

"A lot of people might not know that we do this and in the back of their mind they might be like, I think this might be wrong and just have questions with the business themselves," says Gregory Loreck, Weights and Measures Petroleum Inspector. 

In 2017, the state received 113 complaints about the fuel quality and 233 complaints about gas pump accuracy. 

"Usually we find out if there's water in the fuel by complaints saying 'Hey, I bought gas at wherever, my car broke down, I was told there's water in the gas,'" Loreck says. 

The state was given a 98% accuracy rating on almost 40,000 grades of fuel that were tested. 

Everyone we asked had no idea the state did these inspections and for people like Aaron Hooton, it's reassuring to hear. 

"It makes me feel better because my car runs through gas and a lot of people's does too." 

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