Appleton is 2nd fittest city in America, according to Fitbit

(WFRV) Fitbit has released its annual rankings and Appleton has topped the list in one and came in second in another. 

Researchers from the company looked at the data from over 10 million Fitbit users nationwide and found that Appleton ranked second in the category of "Overall Fittest Cities in America."

Those top five cities for being the fittest are: 

  1. Duluth, Minnesota
  2. Appleton, Wisconsin
  3. Eau Claire, Wisconsin
  4. Boulder, Colorado
  5. Bellingham, Washington

And while Appleton may have placed second in that category, they ranked first for the cities with most steps. Green Bay came in second on that list as well. 

The cities with the most steps:

  1. Appleton, Wisconsin
  2. Green Bay, Wisconsin
  3. Duluth, Minnesota
  4. Eau Clair, Wisconsin
  5. Boston, Massachusetts

The report took into account duration of sleep per night, daily reminders to move goals met, daily steps, daily active minutes, and resting heart rate.  

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