"Any donations will help:" A Kenosha family's home destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve

NOW: “Any donations will help:“ A Kenosha family’s home destroyed by fire on Christmas Eve

KENOSHA (CBS 58) -- A fire broke out in the kitchen of a Kenosha family home on Christmas Eve around 6:00 p.m. 

Brittany Stockton was on her way to see her parents, sister, niece, and nephew for Christmas dinner when she got a call that her childhood home was on fire. 

“It’s unbelievable to watch your childhood home pretty much burning down with all your memories in it," said Stockton.

Her mom, sister, niece, and nephew got out safely but her stepdad ran back in two get their two dogs, Dante and Gigi. 

Neighbor Tyler Brown saw him on the second floor, saw the smoke and ran over to help.

“I just held the ladder and he just crawled down," said Brown.

Another neighbor called 911 and brought the family into their home as seven fire crews worked to put it out. 

Once the fire was out, inside of the home, nothing is salvageable. There is water damage on the first floor, the ceilings are caved and the floor is unstable. 

"Everything is black and a mess. It’s all melted to the floor and you can’t tell clothes from a TV," said Stockton. 

Fire crews believe one of the dogs jumped onto the stove and accidentally turned it on. 

Kenosha Fire estimates there are about $65,000 dollars in damage. 

Stockton created a GoFundMe account to get them clothing and help find them new homes. Brittany's mom lived on the top unit and her sister lived on the bottom unit with her two kids. 

“Any donations will help; clothing, shoes anything you can contribute even five dollars on the donation site," Stockton said.

So far nearly 30 people have already donated and it's raised more than $1,000 dollars. 

“I’m grateful all the kids and grandkids got out and it was a miracle they found both dogs," said Stockton. 

If you'd like to donate clothing, you can drop it off here:

Rg natural babies located at 430 Main Street, Racine. 

Here is a list of their sizes:

  • Mom - (45yrs) medium in shirt, size 3 pants, shoes 8
  • Dad - (45yrs) X LG shirt and pants 30/ 32, shoes 10.5
  • Sister - (25yrs) small shirt and size 3 pants, shoes 8
  • Niece - (3 yrs) 3T clothes and 8 in shoes
  • Nephew - (5yrs) 6T clothes size 12/13 shoes

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