Another arrest in Milwaukee playground shooting

MILWAUKEE-Police issued the following statement late Wednesday afternoon:

 \"This afternoon, Milwaukee Police arrested the second suspect believed involved in the May 21 shooting that happened at 28th and Clarke.  The suspect is a 28-year-old Milwaukee man.  He will be referred to the DA’s Office in the coming days.\"


18 year old Sylvester Akeem Lewis was formally charged with firing into the playground during a dispute over stolen baby clothes with a group of men who were on the steps of the playground near 28th and Clarke.


Three other people were arrested late Sunday with Lewis on possible charges of aiding a felon.


Lewis has a prior felony adult conviction for burglary.


10 year Sierra Guyton was struck in the head while playing with other children.


Her family says she still suffer from brain swelling after surgery and remains at Children's Hospital.


Mayor Barrett was at City Hall at a separate function when he heard the news and revealed the following about this second alleged gunman\"


\"He was arrested at the parole probation office. Which I'm told is not that uncommon for someone stoping in one of those offices. Again, my prayers go to Sierra and her family.  I pray that she continues to fight and makes a recovery.  We know how difficult this is. I am very pleased with the work of the Milwaukee Police Department and other law enforcement officials who have now apprehended both of the young men who were involved in this shooting.\"



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