Annual Braille Games in Milwaukee

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On Thursday look was an operative word as we spent some time at the Annual Braille Games aimed at making sure blind or vision impaired children do not become illiterate.

As the name indicates there was plenty of fun and games and this year a baseball theme.

The serious goal behind the event is to get youngsters to not only think about how they listen to information but also solidify their skills in reading and writing in braille.

\"We've got one game called slate and sausages,\" said organizer Cheryl Orgas as a tribute to the Brewers Racing Sausages and playing up the baseball theme. \"The game is focused on a slate and stylist. Something similar to your paper and pencil.\"

Adults and junior mentors were on hand to walk each child through the event and o make sure they're having a good time, but also really absorbing the information.

\"Since we know what it's like, we get to implant our experiences and show it to them,\" explained Junior Mentor Xisju Hippe.

This was the 13th Annual Braille games at Gaenslen School in Milwaukee.

The primary hosts were the Wisconsin Talking Book and Braille Library, ABLE Inc. and Vision Forward Association.

Volunteers and community involvement  from Manpower to the Brewers to the Milwaukee School of Engineering give this event valuable support in a quest to bestow the greatest gift possible; independence.

\"70% of blind adults are illiterate and 90% of adults who attain braille gain employment,\" said Adult Mentor Amelia King. \"Having the ability to promote braille is a beautiful thing and something I'm really passionate about.\"

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