And You Thought Winter Wasn't Coming...

This week has been a real disappointment for those who thought winter would be a no-show.

Those we spoke with today said the hardest part of the latest wintry weather has been the excessive cold, lingering for days and days. They say it really restricts so many outdoor activities.

The excessive cold has also changed the way Milwaukee's Department of Public Works treats the roads. It has to be more strategic since the salt doesn't work as well at these temperatures.  In fact, even when it's 20 degrees or in the teens, the department adds a liquid calcium chloride for salt to be more effective.

The city says it has 51 thousand tons of salt left for the season, exactly where it needs to be. The city also says as a way to conserve, it'll plow center and driving lanes in residential areas and drop salt at the intersections and stops.

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