Amos honors grandmother with $83,000 donation to Alzheimer's Association

NOW: Amos honors grandmother with $83,000 donation to Alzheimer’s Association

Adrian Amos has the Packers defense hitting their stride at the perfect time, but who knows where they’d be without Geraldine Thompson.

“I was a grandma’s boy."

Grandma’s house was Adrian’s second home growing up. She was a little weary of football.

“She didn’t care too much about it. She just didn’t want me to get hurt.”

But without her pushing, and at some times picking on Adrian. He wouldn’t be in Green Bay today.

“She instilled that work ethic in my family. That’s something that sticks with me to this day.”

Nearly ten years ago Adrian’s family started to notice some changes in ‘Grama.’ She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

“We just saw how it impacted our family with my aunts having to take care of her and seeing from her helping everybody and being the person that’s taking care of everybody to her being sort of helpless at the end.”

She passed away in June, but her spirit lives on through her family.

“Sometimes we just sit around and tell stories. My grandma wasn’t quiet to say the least. She wasn’t a quiet person. She told everybody how she felt about you.”

Brutal honesty and a sense of community spirit. She encouraged Adrian to give back.

“I think with what I’ve been blessed with it’s important to be a blessing to others. My family instilled faith in me. And just sharing because I didn’t get to where I am by myself. I had a helping hands and I have that ability to help others. .”

He’s donating one thousand dollars to the Wisconsin Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association in her honor for every tackle this year. Thankfully for both the Packers and the fight against this horrible disease, the safety just wrapped up one of the best seasons of his career. 83 tackles, means $83,000. Scott Grodsky CBS 58 Sports.

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