Amazon workers surprise Kenosha teachers with $10,000 in school supplies

\"There was a lot of mystery when we first walked in here,\" Jefferson Elementary School teacher Joel Dutton told CBS 58 News.

But we were bound to secrecy in exchange for witnessing a simple gesture to let local educators know people care.

Amazon which recently opened up a facility along I-94 took great care in planning a big reveal of donated teaching supplies for every teacher.

Each educator walked away with two boxes full of items that they had placed on a wish list.

\"This is the stuff that we often don't get or have to buy on our own,\" explained teacher Christina Miller. \"The first thing I saw was the boxes of tissues. That's the first thing we run out of.\"

Brian Urkiel of Amazon said they wanted to do something for a local school. 

\"We know teachers spend quite a bit of their own money preparing their students to have everything they need to start the school year.\"

Some teachers yelled, others teared up. Many happily marched off with their boxes and started setting up their classrooms.

\"Kind of overwhelmed,\" Dutton told CBS 58 News. \"It's a great way to start the school year.\"

A lot of smiles and hug as well, especially from second grade teacher Ashley Fedorick.

\"It gets hard as a teacher to get all the supplies you need. You want to try your hardest to provide to those students everything and sometimes you just can't. We're not super heroes. We try to be. It really helps to have something  like this.\"

Something like a simple gesture that says we care. 

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