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Almond Breeze almond milk recalled, may contain dairy milk

(CBS 58) -- Thousands of cartons of almond milk are being recalled because they may contain dairy milk. 

The recall applies to half gallon vanilla Almond Breeze milk cartons with the use-by dates of September 2. 

To identify the affected product, consumers should look for the stamped information printed as:

USE BY: SEP 02 18 (07:36 – 20:48H5 L1 51-4109 
USE BY: SEP 02 18 (07:36 – 20:48H5 L2 51-4109 
USE BY: SEP 02 18 (07:36 – 20:48H6 L1 51-4109 
USE BY: SEP 02 18 (07:36 – 20:48H6 L2 51-4109

and a Universal Product Code (UPC barcode) of 41570 05621 on the side panel of the carton next to the nutrition facts.

The milk was shipped to retailers in 28 states including Wisconsin. 

At least one person has been reported to have had an allergic reaction to the milk. 

For more information about the recall, please click here. 

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