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"All she did was smile:" Tamiya Dotson, young victim of suspected abuse, laid to rest over the weekend

A heartbroken family laid their one-year-old girl to rest over the weekend.

Tamiya Dotson died. She was the victim of suspected abuse.

Her family is now urging others to speak out.

"An innocent child is gone, so I hope you neighbors that didn't call police, I hope Y'all can sleep very well at night because our family cannot."

Tamiya's great grandmother says the past 2 weeks have been incredibly hard ever since the 14-month-old was found badly beaten.

She says they've been trying to get through it by remembering the short time they had together.

"All she did was smile. All you could see was this little bundle of joy walking across the floor, just smiling, innocent."

Tamiya's mother's boyfriend, 21-year-old Tamio Shipman-Allen, is behind bars. He's charged with beating and stomping the little girl to death.

His next court date is June 28th.

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