All fun & games at the new "Game Show Battle Rooms" in Brookfield

NOW: All fun & games at the new “Game Show Battle Rooms“ in Brookfield

Brookfield (CBS 58)--For you "Jeopardy" or "Wheel of Fortune" fans who have always wanted to be front in center where all the action is, you now have your chance. On Friday, "Game Show Battle Rooms" will open to the public near 124th and Capitol in Brookfield.  This is the second of its kind location.  The first one opened in Minneapolis last year.  "Wheel of Phrases," "Friendly Feud," and "Name That Price" are three games you can play.  The owners say it works best with two teams of at least several people each.

If you want to take part in "Game Show Battle Rooms," you are asked to make an online reservation.  Click here to do so.  Corporate teams are also welcome.  

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