All abilities playground unveiled at Penfield Children's Center in Milwaukee

NOW: All abilities playground unveiled at Penfield Children’s Center in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new playground was unveiled at Penfield Children's Center Monday, Aug. 2. It will be more inclusive for children of all abilities. 

The playground uses different sensory abilities in kids, with many different surfaces for exploration -- including cement, wood chips, sand and grass. It also has wheelchair accessible equipment like a merry-go-round.


The center's president says locally 20-25 percent of all children are born with a disability or develop one by the age of three. That is reflected in all of the classrooms.

"Inclusion is really important for children at a very young age, because they get to learn what the world is like," said President of Penfield Children's Center President, Christine Holmes. "These children as they grow in to teenagers and adults exist all over the place in our world, and in order to make sure that everybody has equal access we start that at this very young infancy age."

The playground was funded by donations. It also has climbing logs, a rain garden and a separate space for babies. 

Penfield Children's Center playground is located at 833 North 26th Street in Milwaukee. 

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