Aldermen warn of several morning robberies

Alderman Bob Donovan and Alderman José G. Pérez are notifying residents of several citizens being victimized by armed robbers during recent early morning street robberies on the near south side.
The robberies have occurred mainly between 4 AM and 6 AM, and the victims appear to be targeted at random. The robbers have used stolen cars to commit the robberies and are taking anything of value, including cash, credit cards, jewelry and phones.
\"We urge all citizens to be aware of their surroundings at all times, and if you see something suspicious or perceive that you are about to be victimized, call 9-1-1 immediately. For your safety, please do not resist if you are threatened, and call police immediately once the perpetrator/s have left,\" said Donovan and Pérez in a joint statement. 
Residents who would like to talk about public safety and crime issues can call Donovan at 414-286-3533 and Pérez at 414-286-3762.
Below is a partial list of the recent near south side robberies, taken from the MPD call log:
July 12:
4:34am 1600-blk. S. 6th--Stolen Vehicle 
4:38am 1200-blk. S. 6th--Strong Armed Robbery
4:54am 2000-blk. S. 26th--Subject with Gun
5:17am 3000-blk. S. 12th--Armed Robbery
5:26am 1900-blk. S. Winona--Armed Robbery 
5:27am 2600-blk. S. 15th Place--Armed Robbery
July 19:
4:25am 2200-blk. W. National--Armed Robbery
4:28am 1800-blk. S. 16th--Armed Robbery 
4:44am 11th & National--Armed Robbery 
July 20:
4:46am 2400-blk. S. 11th--Strong Armed Robbery 
July 21:
3:39am 3100-blk. W. Greenfield--Armed Robbery
July 22:
4:52am 2500-blk. W. Rogers--Armed Robbery 
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