Alderman says there will be more enforcement for events like Miltown Throwdown

Milwaukee Alderman Tony Zielinski says he's met with the Milwaukee Police Department about the incident earlier this week.  He says he met with the officers will use proactive policing and targeted enforcement when it comes to events like Miltown Throwdown.  

The video from the event created a buzz on social media in early August.  You can see riders blocking traffic, driving recklessly, damaging property, and riding on sidewalks.  Some of this happened in Milwaukee's Bayview Neighborhood.  

?A Milwaukee Police squad was involved in a crash with a bike too just outside of downtown Milwaukee.  Zielinski says from now on individuals will need a permit to host an event like this and could face significant fines if they don't have one.  The fine could be $500. They could face another $500 fine for unlawful assembly.  Zielinski said he consulted with Milwaukee Police and the Milwaukee City Attorney's office.

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