Ald. Zielinski announces candidacy for Milwaukee Mayor

NOW: Ald. Zielinski announces candidacy for Milwaukee Mayor

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The election to decide who will be Milwaukee’s next Mayor is more than 2 years away. Still, Alderman Tony Zielinski says there’s no better time to launch his bid to unseat incumbent Tom Barret.

Alderman Tony Zielinski says the biggest platform he’s running on is public safety, and he made the announcement for candidacy at the Milwaukee Police Union Building.

The Union has endorsed Zielinski, who says he would change the Police Chief and emphasize public safety more than Mayor Barret does.

He also says he would focus more on central Milwaukee infrastructure and education more than the current Mayor.

"I don't just do what other people do,” said Zielinski. “I looked at the specific set of circumstances, and I exercised my judgment, my experience, my abilities, and I determined that this is what I need. I don't do what other people do, and the leadership that this city needs is that kind of leadership. Somebody that's not going to do what other people do, somebody who's going to think out of the box, and somebody who's bold and aggressive like I right now."

The election is almost two and a half years away. Barret remains focused on creating more good paying jobs in the city for everyone, capitalizing on the boom in the heart of the city downtown so that every neighborhood flourishes, and protecting our families by creating a safer city.

Zielinski does not plan on running for Alderman again.

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