Ald. Milele Coggs meets with business owners along Milwaukee's King Drive

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Sam's Place is one of the newer businesses along Milwaukee's historic King Drive. 

The jazz café, which opened last February, was one of the stops for Alderwoman Milele Coggs Thursday as she did a walk-through to meet with business owners.

This is something that happens every year. City leaders want to hear from those owners about the challenges they're facing, and it's especially important during the pandemic.

"Pre-Covid, as we did these walks, there was a lot of talk about signage, or you know, people needed help with the outside of their business," said Ald. Coggs. "My guess is today we will likely hear a lot about staffing issues and different things like that, lost revenue."

Thursday's walk-through comes two days before a summit meeting about businesses in Milwaukee.

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