Ald. Donovan wants independent investigation of Milwaukee Police IT department

 Earlier this year a data malfunction caused the Milwaukee Police Department to lose hundreds of hours of suspect interviews. Some city leaders just learned of it earlier this month, prompting some to call a hearing about the malfunction.  Alderman and Mayoral Candidate Bob Donovan says there needs to be an independent review of the IT department.  

Milwaukee Police Department leadership will go before Milwaukee's public safety committee Thursday afternoon. They'll

discuss the video recording system malfunction. Back in January, a hard-drive failure caused the loss of hundreds of

hours of suspect interviews. Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says it impacts seven cases and isn't a big problem.

City leaders will question the department about it in the hearing. Alderman Bob Donovan says he wants to ensure transparency. He says he wants MPD to be running efficiently, effectively, and be cutting edge. He's concerned the public safety committee, the common council, and others weren't made aware of this until recently.

\"The information we've been getting or lack thereof leads to more and more questions,\" Donovan said before the hearing. \"I'm hoping we can get to the bottom of it. We certainly have an obligation to be transparent to our constituents. It concerns me that none of us on the council, and apparently the Mayor, wasn't even made aware of this. That concerns me greatly.\"

The hearing starts at City Hall at 1:30 Thursday afternoon.

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