Alabama senator creates 'GoFundMe' campaign to solve budget impasse

(CNN)Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe is no stranger to odd requests, but one southern politician's campaign to solve his state's current financial woes might be a first.
As Alabama's government struggles to pass a budget, State Sen. Paul Sanford launched a GoFundMe campaign to \"Fund the Alabama State Government,\" with $300 million.
By his own acknowledgment, his post is insincere.
\"I do appreciate the comments, but please realize this was to prove a point that most people do not want to pay more taxes but are for taxes when the other guy is to be taxed,\" wrote Sanford in a comment on the campaign page.
Sanford created the campaign on Aug. 6. As of this writing, it has received almost $600 towards its $300 million goal.
The Alabama state government is currently in the midst of a budget fight, nearing the end of a special session to resolve a shortfall in funding. An Alabama Senate bill proposed cuts to Medicaid and some state agencies, but the state house rejected it Monday night.
Balancing priorities and proposing cuts has made this summer an especially heated one in Montgomery. One point of contention has emerged from the legislature's apparent unwillingness to raise taxes and Gov. Robert Bentley's demand for $300 million in revenue.
Sanford's GoFundMe campaign is a protest of sorts against raising taxes to solve the fiscal disagreement.
\"Rather than have the government come after your hard earned money you can now send an amount that fits your budget, even request where your money be used,\" read the campaign's description.
Some of the donors asked that their money be used for education, the elderly or veterans, while others seemed to take a more tongue in cheek approach.
\"Please earmark this donation to be used for evil and nefarious deeds,\" wrote one $10 contributor.
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