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Airport says travelers should be able to find parking after lots hit capacity at Mitchell International

General Mitchell International says it is one of their busiest weeks. And to prove that, nearly all of their parking lots hit capacity Tuesday.

The airport says the parking headache should be over, but the full lots indicate something good for the airport.

The Mitchell Airport real-time parking gauge had percentages going down Wednesday. The page is on their website under parking & transportation.

"We got lucky today!" said Lisa Wolf-Peterson. She and Steve Pickhardt happened to come across someone backing out of a space.

"Going up and down the lanes, I just happened to see a tail light... I see the reverse light come on and we got the parking spot," said Pickhardt.

Flyers at Mitchell International noticed packed parking, but they were able to snag a spot Wednesday.

"Spring break has been compressed to a shorter time period because easter is april 1st," said Harold Mester, Marketing & Public Relations Manager.

The airport says they're tracking flights, and lots should not fill up again for spring break travelers. This is the first time lots filled up in over five years.

While one day at capacity is not enough demand for a new parking lot, the full lots provide a bit of commentary about milwaukee's growing airport.

"More people are traveling and more people choosing are Mitchell Airport which is great for our community because airlines respond and they add more flights. So we'll hopefully have more choices next year," said Mester.

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