Airline Offering Flights from West Coast to Europe for $199

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Get your passports in order. Travel from the West Coast to Europe is about to get a lot cheaper this summer.

Starting in June, the low-cost, no-frills Icelandic carrier Wow air will offer flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles to various cities in Europe.

Wow air has been offering $99 flights to cities in Europe from the East Coast since last year. The flights connect through Iceland’s capital city, Reykjavik.

Company founder and CEO Now Mogensen told Forbes Magazine Wow aims to corner the market on low-cost long-haul flights.

“Low-cost carriers likeSouthwest in the United States and Ryanair in Europ have been the most successful and profitable in the industry but have generally operated locally,” he said. “No one has done it with Transatlantic flights.”

Just one caveat: Be prepared to forego all the extras, like legroom, baggage, food and movies. Those things will cost a little extra, but not enough to break the bank. Passengers can purchase upgrades for roomier seats, extra luggage allowances and meals.

Wow will offer 5 flights weekly to Reykjavic from SFO as of June 9, and four from Los Angeles. There are 21 European destinations, including Berlin, Amsterdam, London, and Paris.

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