AG Kaul calls voter fraud 'extraordinarily rare' as early voting continues in Wisconsin

NOW: AG Kaul calls voter fraud ’extraordinarily rare’ as early voting continues in Wisconsin


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Your ballot is safe.

That’s the continued message from Wisconsin’s top lawyer to voters.

Attorney General Josh Kaul reassured citizens that the state’s election system is secure, in an interview with CNN on Monday, Oct. 26.

"When people make claims about fraud, what they are doing is providing false information about the state of our elections, trying to scare voters. I encourage all people to ignore that and be aware we have a safe, secure, reliable voting system in Wisconsin."

Milwaukee resident David Biermann said he and his wife prefer to vote in person.

“Just to be on the safe side and get it in safely, and done correctly," explained Biermann.

They were just two people in a long line of early voters waiting to perform their civic duty.

Voter Monica Rios said she’s aware of the voter fraud debate, but thinks it’s mostly political games.

And to her, her vote represents more than just her voice.

“Being Hispanic I feel that my vote counts especially for my family members that aren’t able to do this," she said.

Attorney General Kaul added that debate over voter fraud is healthy, but Wisconsinites must look at the facts.

“We often have close elections in-state, and in 2016 we had a statewide recount, and what those tests of our election system have shown over and over again is that the system is secure," he explained.

This was Janet Schlicht’s first time voting early, in person. She said she was skeptical about mailing in her ballot.

“Well because things happen in the mail," she said.

And though she’s aware that fraud could happen, she thinks the bigger issue is with the people.

“I think we, as a society, just stopped trusting one another," continued Schlicht. "We’re more skeptical of other people, and I would hope that we would bring love back to our society, that we would be a more gentle society again.”

In the interview Kaul also reminded the public that voter intimidation, in Wisconsin, is a felony and could result in prison time.

However, he said there have been no issues at polls thus far.

The last day of early voting is Sunday, Nov. 1.

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