After The Fire: Fall Fun at West Bend's Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm

It's been six month since a devastating fire at a local farm. The owners of the Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm lost their barn, 100 animals, and their Halloween decorations used as part of an annual haunted cornfield.

Since then, the community has come together to help rebuild, and the fall fun will go on for another year, even though the barn isn't finished.

I'm told $2600 from a Go Fund Me account helped put all this together in addition to plenty of volunteers. Organizers promise something bigger and better than previous years.

There's one hang up with rebuilding the barn. A flood study must be done on the property as requested by the DNR.

Despite this, the fall festival will go on as planned this weekend. Most of the proceeds will go toward caring for the animals this upcoming winter.

Volunteers are still needed in addition to some larger size clothing for some of the displays.

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