Advice on surviving a shooting or terror attack

NOW: Advice on surviving a shooting or terror attack

The shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and his aid at in Alexandria, Virginia is the latest mass shooting to happen a public setting. According to the Washington Post, it marks the 165th mass shooting this year.

When incidents like this happen, many begin to wonder if they could survive such an attack. 

CBS 58 spoke with Brian Dorow, the Dean of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Waukesha County Technical College.

He says we now live in a world now where we have to get off our cell phones and pay attention to our surroundings.

Not only should everyone be looking for anything suspicious, but also on the look out fo rpotential escape routes should something occur.

It doesn’t matter where we are either. A park, the grocery store, no place is off limits.

If something does happen, use that escape route to get to safety.

Darow says if you are in an open area, like a baseball field in Wednesday’s case, find something to block yourself from the shooter such as a car or tree. Then tell yourself, that you will not be a victim, before planning your next move.

If something happens, you have to be able to react quickly. And tell yourself, I am not dying today. This is not my day to die," said Darow.

You almost have to have that warrior mentality that I am going to get through this. I am going to be strong enough to get through this and carry on.

Darrow says the WCTC does offer a number of classes to the public on what to do in various situations. Most of them fill up fairly quickly.

If you'd like to learn more, click here or call 262.691.5028.

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