Adults 18-24 report highest scam risk in 2020, BBB says

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The year 2020 was packed with online scams, and young adults were most impacted. 

Adults aged 18-24 had the highest average losses to online scams last year, and the highest likelihood of losses. 

Previously, older age groups had lost more money to online scams. The shift to mostly online shopping because of the coronavirus pandemic helped change that trend. 

And with more people staying at home, that led to an increase in a specific type of online scam. 

"Number one was definitely pets, and pet supplies for the year. [They] know that people purchasing pets was up, and they were going to capitalize on that by creating websites that have fake pictures of animals and then making you pay upfront for an animal that they were supposed to send via an airline flight," said Lisa Schiller, with the BBB Serving Wisconsin. 

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