Adoption Day in Milwaukee County

NOW: Adoption Day in Milwaukee County

WAUWATOSA (CBS 58)-They always knew they were family.

They always felt it.

Friday, it became official.

CBS 58 News at the Juvenile Justice Center in Wauwatosa on the rare occasion when camerad are let in to see the smiling faces of foster children as they take on their new name.

More than 600 children were adopted from foster care in Wisconsin last year.

But state officials say at any given time as man as 8,0000 are looking for families and that's why they publicize adoption day this time of year. 

"The work that you are engaged in, volunteering to do, is making an enormous difference in the lives of our children," said D.A. John Chisholm. "We this is going to make our community a much better place."

Then there was something you don't see in court every day; more than a dozen families raising up their arms and shaking their happy hands.

We give a hand to one and all.

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