Add some color to your pet's life at KitscheCoo

NOW: Add some color to your pet’s life at KitscheCoo


Having a pet shouldn't get you blue.  Your furry friend should really add lots of color to your life.  You can actually return the favor by painting your favorite animal.  At KitscheCoo Art & Craft Shed in Greendale, you can take a three-hour art class where you can bring your favorite furbaby to life on a 11 x 14 canvas.  You just have to send a photo three days before the class, and then a sketch will be waiting for you.

These "Paint Your Pet!" classes are offered once a month.  The one in January is already booked, but the February 10th class is still open.  Some of the proceeds will go toward the Wisconsin Humane Society. Click here to sign up or learn what KitscheCoo has to offer.

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