Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt is tackling the budget and procedures at the jail

NOW: Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt is tackling the budget and procedures at the jail

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Governor Walker announced that he's looking for applicants to fill the position of Milwaukee County Sheriff.

The request comes just one day after we were formally introduced to Acting Sheriff Richard Schmidt.

There's currently no guarantee on how long he'll be acting sheriff but Richard Schmidt is getting things done. He's already tackling the budget and the county jail.

"Let me clearly stated public safety is my priority," said Acting Sheriff Schmidt. Now, the jail he used to be in charge of is one of his top priorities as Milwaukee county's acting top cop.

"I have brand new leadership in the jail."

This comes after the administration was scrutinized for allegedly shackling pregnant inmates and four deaths within 7 months in 2016.

Acting Sheriff Schmidt says now he's bringing in technical assistance from the National Institute of Corrections to assess the facility. 

"So we are doing anything that's against state code or against policy or procedure, the answer is no."

Under the Department of Justice, The National Institute of Corrections checks out jail programs and how it's operating. If needed, they improve management, train staff, and help with job training for inmates. 

Schmidt says the NIC has assessed Milwaukee County's Jail in the past and he trusts their recommendations.

"I take the jail extremely serious. We want your friends, relatives, neighbors, whoever they might be, they need to be treated properly, appropriately, and safely and I have committed myself to that."

Balancing the budget is the Acting Sheriff's other big goal. He says he froze every single account within the Sheriff's Office and plans to meet with Chris Abele and the County Budget Director tomorrow. 

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