ABATE Gets Bikers Ready for Upcoming Season With Riding Out Winter Party

A big thank you to all who turned out Saturday for ABATE of Wisconsin's "Riding Out Winter" Party at American Serb Hall.

Hundreds turned out to support the efforts of the Lobbing group that aims to create awareness of motorcycle right and safety and sharing the road.

The money raised through ticket sales and raffle items will keep local programs going throughout the year.

Programs that are aimed at breaking down stereotypes and creating a spirit of cooperation on the roads.

"Now as spring time comes, please look twice, save a life," said Tiger Beyer of ABATE Wisconsin. "Look out for that motorcycle and everyone on the road. Pay attention to that car you're driving."

This was a chance to celebrate Milwaukee's rich history built on the success of motorcycles.

Proceeds will help the grass roots lobbying group ABATE continue its outreach to guard safety of everyone who uses the roads.

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