Aaron Rodgers Shares UFO Encounter Story

Packers Aaron Rodgers said in a recent interview he believes in UFOs.

Rodgers did the interview earlier this week on “You Made it Weird" with Pete Holmes.

The podcast is trending because during the interview Rodgers discusses seeing a UFO.

The interview discussed a variety of topics including comic books,

Rodgers said he saw the UFO in New Jersey in 2005.

Rodgers discussed seeing the UFOs around the 12 minute mark in the pod cast.

“To be honest, it was something that I saw,” said Rodgers.  “I saw an unidentified flying object in New Jersey in 2005.”

Rodgers said he witnessed the UFO while visiting friends in a rural area of New Jersey.  

Rodgers had declared for the draft and was in New York doing an interview for ESPN’s Cold Pizza. His best friend from college was from New Jersey.  So he went to his friend’s parent’s house for dinner.

“There was a weird siren sound in the distance. So we go outside. It was a snowy night. It was in February. It was one of those kind of bright nights…We saw something in the sky,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers went on to say it was similar to the events that happened in “Independence Day.”

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