Aaron Rodgers has slight tear in calf, back at practice Thursday

CBS Sports is reporting that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a slight tear in his calf muscle.

The word tear differs from the original report of a strain, but some argue a strain by definition is a tear. 

The article quotes a source who apparently spoke to ESPN.

Coach Mike McCarthy told CBS 58 News on Thursday that Rodgers did 50% to 60% of reps during practice. \"I thought he looked good.\"

For fellow players, Rodgers' return to practice was a welcome sight.

\"It's good to have him back,\" said Guard T.J. Lang. \"He's our leader. He's our best player.\"

Coaches decided to leave the doors open to the practice facility. The temperatures are expected, as usual, to be bitterly cold for the game against Dallas on Sunday.

\"It's part of the deal,\" said linebacker Clay Matthews. \"I think that's what plays into our advantage. The fact that you take teams who aren't accustomed to this weather, bring them up here and it's really a shock to them.\"

Temperatures at game time are predicted to be in the 20's. The Pack is undefeated at home this season. Dallas is perfect on the road.

The Green Bay Packers did not offer details about Rodgers' injury during the Thursday media availability.

A local orthopedic surgeon tells CBS 58 News that a strain is typically when the muscle fiber is stretched or pulled and that a tear or rupture is when the fibers actually separate.

The doctor also says that while a tear does technically fall under the category of a strain (a completely ruptured or torn muscle is referred to as a grade 3 strain for example) it is still possible to strain the muscle without actually tearing it. 

This might explain why some of the reports say a tear in addition to a strain which can be more severe than the other.

In other words, all tears are strains, but not all strains are tears.

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