Aaron Rodgers discusses His Diet

Every NFL team starts the preseason with hope and energy, but not every NFL team has an all-world quarterback who keeps trying to improve on near-perfection.

Aaron Rodgers has already set all kinds of franchise records, but the buzz on the first day of training camp isn't about his arm or his legs.

It's the rest of Rodgers, who's in great shape this summer, even by his lofty standards.

Rodgers seems to be getting better with age, but that's no accident conditioning and dietary changes have produced an even leaner Aaron Rodgers this year.

“I just wanted to build off some of the stuff with my diet and my flexibility. Those are important things. I'm lactose intolerant, and I've made some changes to my diet. Just tried to eat a little cleaner as well. I'm as light as I've been in a while, but my muscle mass is as strong as it's been when I've been 10 pounds heavier,” said Aaron Rodgers, Packers Quarterback.

Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews have not met with the NFL about the report alleging use of PEDs. 

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