'A simple text can save a life:' Sojourner Family Peace Center launches 24-hour domestic violence textline

NOW: ’A simple text can save a life:’ Sojourner Family Peace Center launches 24-hour domestic violence textline

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Sojourner Family Peace Center launched a 24-hour domestic violence textline, a resource the non-profit organization hopes brings down rising domestic violence numbers in the county.

The launch of the new resource came on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day at Lakeshore State Park. The event featured music, art and sharing of information and resources, including for domestic violence issues.

"It lives with you forever unless you find a way to get some treatment and some help to work it out to unravel it in your life," Sojourner President and CEO Carmen Pitre said of the effects domestic violence can have on people.

The new textline was an idea in development for years but the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted its need.

"The reason we did it is because in Covid we learned that so many people are isolated and trapped in violence and we wanted another method for them to reach out," Pitre said.

The number for the textline is: 414-877-8100.

The textline is staffed by employees and volunteers with Sojourner Family Peace Center 24 hours a day who can answer questions, provide information and share resources to those who reach out.

"The purpose of the text is to eventually get someone connected to a human being," Pitre told reporters.

Survivors of domestic abuse believe the tool can play an important role for people who may not feel comfortable verbally reaching out to people and resources.

"A simple text saying 'Hey, do you feel safe today?' 'Do you need support today?' can really change the trajectory of someone's life in a moment, in that way," Natalie Hayden, a domestic abuse survivor told CBS 58 in an interview. "So it's just so important that this has happened and finally safety evolving."

Ultimately, Hayden believes the new textline will make a significant impact.

"A simple text can save a life," Hayden said.

The textline is meant to be an addition to Sojourner's other resources including:

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