"A Sign of Spring:" Ground Crews Remove Tarps at Miller Park

MILWAUKEE - It'll be a while for most lawns in Milwaukee to get green again but things look pretty lush over at Miller Park.

Crews were out peeling back the tarp over the baseball field today, checking on the grass.

The Director of Grounds tells us that it's been an interesting winter with a lot of mild weather, especially in late February. Turns out, you don't want the stadium grass to peak too early.

"What the calendar says at the time of year, if you're in 70's in the winter, there's still a lot of winter left to go and so we tried to kinda keep it in a dormant state through that stretch and now here we're trying to bring it back up."

Michael Boettcher seemed pretty happy with what he saw today. The Brewers home opener is coming up on April 3rd, just four weeks from today.

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