A Night to Shine and Give Special Needs Young People the Prom They Never Had

They call it a "Night to Shine."

Legacy Christian Church in Menomonee Falls hosted 100 special needs young adults to a dance.

Hair, make up and wardrobe all taken care of through sponsors and volunteers.

There was also a red carpet entrance and paparazzi to make the prom goers feel like stars.

It was one of hundreds of dances held in 41 states and six countries around the world.

"Typically at a high school prom you have one king one queen," explained lead Pastor Jerod Walker. "Here. Every guest is going to be crowned a king 
or the queen of the prom." 

The event is organized through the Tim Tebow Foundation.

The college football standout is deeply religious and instructs organizers to make sure each event reflects God's love.

Karen Daanen  volunteered because she says there's no better way to observe lent.

"They needed some more hosts and I thought what an excellent way to spend the evening," said Daanen. "We'll be responsible for showing them a good time and hopefully giving them the prom they never had."

It certainly was a night to shine, but at its core was more about just feeling normal.

"It doesn't matter if you have a disability," Prom goer Samantha Weston told CBS 58 News. "You're good the way you are. You're beautiful the way you are."   

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