A 'market' milestone for Glorioso's: 75 years of serving customers & community

NOW: A ’market’ milestone for Glorioso’s: 75 years of serving customers & community

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- It’s a diamond jubilee for a gold standard of local grocery stores. 75 years and counting Glorioso’s Italian Market has been a presence off Brady Street on Milwaukee’s east side. Three brothers started the business on Valentine’s Day 1946. And now it’s grown into 12-thousand square feet of so many ethnic eats and treats. General Manager Michael Glorioso says it took a lot of dedication to get to where they are today and gaining the trust of the community throughout the years.  Michael's 91-year old father, Teddy, is the last surviving founder, and he continues to be a presence with operations.

As you might expect, the pandemic has hit the store hard in some ways, especially when it comes to the catering and culinary school aspects of the business.  But I'm told the market itself has thrived over the course of the last year.  

Looking ahead, Glorioso is hopeful his family’s sauces, all 14 of them, will soon be marketed across the entire Midwest.

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